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    • The Top 10 Attractions in Arkansas

      Known as “The Natural State”, Arkansas is a wonderful place to visit. As well being home to mountains, forests and other natural areas, there are also many exciting and interesting places to visit including a large number of historic sites and museums. Here are some attractions in Arkansas: 1. Battle of Fayetteville (in Fayetteville): An

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    • Je Banshi Bhenge Gache: A Tribute to CMJ

      The beginning of the year 2013 wasn’t a very happy time for the cricket lovers throughout the world. Just a few days after the death of Tony Greig, the ex England captain, came the news of the death of Christopher Martin Jenkins (CMJ). Here in Bangladesh, we were shocked to hear the news of Tony’s

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    • South Africa to Lead Pharmaceutical Market in Middle East and Africa

      Rapid changes in regulatory environment, high investments and increasing prevalence of several lifestyle-related diseases have led growth in the South African pharmaceutical market in an effective manner. All these factors have also resulted in the rapid advancements of the country’s healthcare infrastructure. Our new research study “Middle East and Africa Pharma Sector Forecast to 2012”

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    • How To Prevent And Reverse Osteoporosis And Tooth Decay

      Osteoporosis and tooth decay are an ever increasing and costly problem in western industrialized nations. Both of these conditions have a similar root cause that lies with the modern processed food diet and over consumption of refined sugars. Refined sugars are especially dangerous since they greatly increase acidity of the blood leading to the leeching

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    • Going-Green and Getting Trendy with Eco-Friendly Apparel

      One of the easiest ways to go-green is with your wardrobe. Everyone needs clothing so when you’re already out and about shopping; why not just choose the organic alternatives. Likewise, when it comes to dressing your employees’ eco-friendly apparel is the way to go. As businesses turn to all organic promotional apparel, the options of

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    • Hepatitis C Symptoms Can Lie Dormant For many years

      Hepatitis c symptoms are somewhat of an enigma because frequently they never appear and, when they do, they can take years to present themselves. There are three different types of hepatitis, namely A, B, and C. All affect the liver by causing severe inflammation. Causes may include poisons or toxins, certain medications, and alcoholism. Hepatitis

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    • Rocket Thrust Equation And Launch Vehicles

      The law of physics on which rocket propulsion is based is called the principle of momentum. According to this principle, the time rate of change of the total momentum of a system of particles is equal to the net external force. The momentum is defined as the product of mass and velocity. If the net

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    • Why Eating Out Is So Bad For Your Health

      Eating out is a fun way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion. However, eating out should not be a part of your regular diet. If you are attempting to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is almost impossible to do so if you are eating out on a regular basis.

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