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    • Kiev fast food restaurants survey for travelers

      We are often asked questions by travelers, which Kiev fast food restaurants are nice to have a dinner, to try Ukrainian food or to invite somebody for the lunch. Kiev abounds in fast food restaurants of different pricing categories, where you can have a dinner from $3 to $15. We have prepared what we recommend

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    • Leading Questions in Debates

      The purpose of a debate is to find out the truth. However, in most cases, debaters use this opportunity to try to impose their viewpoint as true. Therefore they try to suppress the Apologist. What the Apologist needs to do is cross examine his opponent. This cross examination is done with a view of getting

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    • Latest American Fashion Trends

      America has always had changing trends, and fashion trends have always come and go. If you want to be in, you have to read this article. If there is one word that could capture all the latest fashion trends in America, then it has to be “dresses”. Dresses are the hottest thing in 2008, such

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    • IELTS Writing

      If there was a World Cup of the most disliked part of an English language exam, the IELTS Writing would probably win very often. Nowadays, when studying a foreign language people often put little emphasis on the skill of writing and more on speaking or listening. So when it’s time for the IELTS, writing about

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    • Retro 1970's Interior Design

      Retro 1970’s Interior Design: What you need to know to create the look The space age interiors of the 1960’s gave way to the textures of shag pile carpets, cork tiles, wood paneling and hessian cladding. Brown, cream and orange, vinyl wallpapers in large overall patterns and inspiration from the twenties and thirties were mixed

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    • Can Software Piracy Be Eliminated?

      In recent news, the software giant Microsoft is suing a reseller because of the sale of pirated software. Piracy has always been one of the major problems since the inception of technology. It seems that this problem is being eliminated one lawsuit at a time. Although there are severe civil and criminal penalties, there are

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    • A Bad Night in Vegas: A Boxing Story

      His name was Javier Ayala and he was from Los Angeles by way of Tijuana. He had once gone ten rounds with the great Roberto Duran in 1973 in Los Angeles and also went the distance with Leroy Haley. But on this night at the Silver Slipper in Las Vegas, his main event opponent was

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    • Similarity Between Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay and an Article

      The similarities between a five paragraph essay and an article are quite numerous but for the reason of this discussion just the relevant ones will be picked and discussed. An article is a piece of writing mostly nonfiction about the contemporary happenings in the society. It comes in various sizes of length and is usually

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    • Plus Size Hard to Find in Vietnam

      Over recent decades Vietnam has become a leading clothes manufacturer and its numerous garment enterprises, large and small, produce a wide range of fashionable outfits in all fabrics, styles and price ranges. The country is also becoming a popular tourist destination, so one might expect that local stores would be eager to sell garments to

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