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    • Credential Evaluation Required to Obtain an H-1B Visa

      Foreign nationals can enter the US and work in a number of fields, including architecture, modeling, medicine, engineering, and accounting, if they secure an H-1B visa. H-1B visa also allows its beneficiaries to apply for their Green Card. If the foreign national has not completed his/her degree in the US, he/she should get a credential

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    • Names That Define our Place in Society

      For some unknown reason, we coin phrases in each generation, to put people in their place. Or,is it to define subcultures of certain patterns of behaviour? Mobileers were a community of early two way radio users. According to Wikipedia the Mobileers popularized the technology that birthed the mobilephone. Permanent installations in vehicles soon gave way

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    • How Many Carbs Should I Eat in a Day?

      Everyone eats carbohydrates. You pretty much can not get around it. We need carbs for energy after all. But the question still remains: how many carbs should I eat in a day? Are there drawbacks from eat too little or too many carbs? What are the side effects of eating carbs or abstaining from eating

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    • African Tribes

      African Tribes In this article the economies and lifestyles of such African tribes as the Lele and the Bushong will be discussed. In order to understand the differences between cultural and economic processes of these tribes we’ll refer to the organization of labor in those tribes, the meaning of authority, the importance of environmental issues

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    • Kim Jong-il Names Youngest Son Successor in North Korea

      Kim Jong-un, the youngest son of North Korea’s dictator and “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-il, is believed to have been named his father’s successor following a rare North Korean Workers’ Party meeting which convened earlier this week. The youngest son in the Kim family, Jong-un is thought to be in his late 20s and has spent

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    • Facts About Northern Ireland

      From glorious Victorian architecture, spectacular scenery to its guerrilla warfare, Northern Ireland has always been in news for a bevy of reasons. Tucked away in the northeastern fringes of Ireland, the historic island of North Ireland was formerly a part of the United Kingdom before ethno-political conflict initiated the need for a separate constitutional status for

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    • Sun Tzu and the Art of Winning Negotiations

      To many of his colleagues, Sandro is an old China-hand. Having been working in various cities in China for the past 7 years, and has more working experience here than most of his Chinese colleagues. One of the key success factors that attributes to Sandro’s career success in China is that he takes time and

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    • Helping Kids Cope With Natural Disaster News

      Natural disasters will be brought into our living rooms via the media from time to time. As adults we all want our children to live carefree lives and keep them from the pain and even horror of tragedies such as natural disasters. In reality we can’t do this. So what is a parent, teacher, or

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    • Importance of Solar Shading Analysis for Solar Customers in Australia

      The output of PV modules is directly proportional to the amount of incoming solar radiation. The modules generate electricity when photons hit the cells and excite the available electrons which create current and voltage. When fewer photons hit the photovoltaic (PV) cell, for instance due to poor orientation or partial shading, a smaller number of

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